“I’m done. That’s the end of my career.” -Jillian Michaels

I listened to a very interesting interview with Jillian Michaels earlier today courtesy of success magazine. One of the questions she was asked was about weight loss (of course). Her answer was not what I expected:

“Weight is simple. Real simple. Calories in, calories out.

I’m done. That’s the end of my career. I just gave you everything you need to know right there.

But how come I’m still in business? Because it isn’t easy. Because of all the other things that come into play that stop us from doing so.”

She said that most people she meets don’t know anything about: 1. the number of calories they’re consuming and, 2. the quality of the food they’re eating.

The entire interview was exceptional but one thing I found particularly interesting was her take on the common dieting notion that you should be eating six or seven times a day. She got really angry when the interviewer brought it up and said that she’d like “to choke the guy that came up with that” (or rather who popularized it). The idea apparently originated with body builders who were trying to consume six or seven thousand calories a day. She said that most people need to eat every four hours. That way, you can stabilize your metabolism and prevent fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar levels that can actually contribute to hunger pangs.


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