The Skinny Rules: 20 Rules to Live By -Bob Harper

The Skinny Rules: 20 Rules to Live By

By Bob Harper (Due to be released in May.)

From Diet

Bob Harper, world renowned fitness trainer and one of the stars of NBC’s The Biggest Loser is reaching beyond his focus on fitness to share diet and nutrition tips with as many readers as possible.

His new book, The Skinny Rules, comes out in May and aims to show you exactly how to shed those unwanted pounds, whether its two or two hundred.

Harper says that while on the show, “I’ve been given a really big platform to reach as many people as I can. And I take that very seriously.” Now he’s putting his vast knowledge of nutrition to use in the book by breaking down what he knows into twenty simple, nonnegotiable principles.

Here are a couple examples:

Rule #4: Eat protein at every meal, making some kind of fish your go-to protein as often as you can. Take your weight and divide it by two—that’s more or less how much protein you should be eating in grams every day.
Rule #12: Make one day a week a meatless day. Learn to use a few simple plant foods well, and this rule will keep you from succumbing to that notorious dieter’s trap: monotony.
Rule #18: Go to bed slightly hungry. Denied fuel for more than five hours, your body will start burning its own fat and sugar. Make a point not to eat after dinner and you’ll be burning fat while you’re sleeping.
Rule #20: Enjoy a splurge meal once a week. Unlike episodic bingeing, splurge meals are an ingredient in your diet. When you plan something, you are in control.

In the book, Bob offers a month’s worth of menu plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. He also gives tips on how to stock your fridge and what to cook on the weekends.

January 24th, 2012


Here is a list of all 20 rules, taken from the book’s Table of Contents, available on Amazon:

RULE 1: Drink a Large Glass of Water before Every Meal – No Excuses!

RULE 2: Don’t Drink Your Calories

RULE 3: Eat Protein Every Meal – or Stay Hungry and Grouchy

RULE 4: Slash Your Intake of Refined Flours and Grains

RULE 5: Eat 30 to 50 Grams of Fiber a Day

RULE 6: Eat Apples and Berries Every Single Day – Every Single Day!

RULE 7: No Carbs after Lunch

RULE 8: Learn to Read Food Labels So You Know What You Are Eating

RULE 9: Step Guessing About Portion Size and Get It Right – for Good!

RULE 10: No More Added Sweeteners, Including Artificial Ones

RULES 11: Get Rid of Those White Potatoes

RULE 12: Make One Day a Week Meatless

RULE 13: Get Rid of Fast Foods and Fried Foods

RULE 14: Eat a Real Breakfast

RULE 15: Make Your Own Food and Eat at Least Ten Meals a Week at Home

RULE 16: Banish High-Salt Foods

RULE 17: Eat Your Vegetables – Just Do It!

RULE 18: Go to Bed Hungry

RULE 19: Sleep Right

RULE 20: Plan One Splurge Meal a Week


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