When Shopping for Shoes – Stand don’t Sit

Shopping for sports shoes?Here are some tips from Amy Cotta’s book, “Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans”:

  • Go shoe shopping late in the day. Women’s bodies have this annoying little habit of swelling, and our feet are not exception. As they sell throughout the day, a comfortable early-morning purchase can turn into a potentially painful one by dinnertime.
  • Stand when you’re measure! Unlike your butt, which expands when you sit down, your feet expand when you stand up. So always stand when getting your feet measure to ensure that your foot is fully extended.
  • Not all feet are created equal. Try on both shoes when you’re wearing running socks, and choose the size that fits your larger foot best.
  • Size matters. Your big toe should be a thumbnail width from the top end of the shoe. The salesclerk should be able to help you out with this. If the shoes don’t feel cushy and wonderful in the store, don’t buy them. Try another brand.

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