Fierce Force

I just got an email from Ann Maris about a new workout video she’s released. I love the way that she’s incorporated a lot of compound movements and even added dumbbells to plyometric moves to the routine! Here’s a video clip:

Here’s one review:

Excellent Circuit Training Workout!I was always a fan of Anni’s workout concept but never a fan of her workouts, mostly because they involved light weights, which I dislike. “Fierce Force” workout changed all that. I’m now an Anni fan! Truly, “Fierce Force” is as hard as you want it to be. Don’t blame Anni if you’re not getting an intense workout here. I only do advanced workouts, so I used 8 lb. to 30 lb. dumbbells throughout this workout, and was soaked by the end … Often, circuit workouts are more cardio in intent, with only mildly residual toning benefits. With “Fierce Force,” however, I could go heavy, so I think this is a well-designed circuit workout where you reap both cardio and toning benefits. I baby my knees, so I found it easy to occasionally modify when it came to the high impact, too …. FF is space friendly, easy to modify to match your fitness needs and objectives, has no dread factor, and goes by quickly. I look forward to doing it again. If you’re a circuit fan, don’t overlook this. This is a classic. One of my favorite 2012 purchases! I look forward to Fierce Force 2! (Anni, are you listening? – ha!)


If you like plyometrics and athletic drills, you might also be interested in Insanity. You can watch a short video clip here.


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