6 Ways to Improve Your Diet at Work

From Dietblog:

You rush off with no breakfast. By morning tea time you’re onto your third coffee. Since it’s a tea break you go for a large creamy latté and a big muffin. Read on.

Here’s one tip I thought was interesting:

Stock Up Your Desk
Most people tend to eat whatever is in front of them. Once you get the munchies – any food will become fair game.

If you’ve got some better options nearby – the chances are you will eat better. Here are some food ideas:

  • Small packets of nuts.
  • Small tins of tuna or salmon
  • Small cans of beans
  • Rice Crackers
  • Whole-wheat pitas
  • In the fridge you could have some hummus or cottage cheese, or even sliced meats.
  • You have enough there to make up a lunch or snack.

Video: Every Body Needs a Tune-Up


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