Five foods that bring on hunger pangs

I found the following is from the Always Foodies web site:

1. Diet Soda

This increases your appetite, while keeping a check on your weight as well. Diet soda is essentially sweetened with artificial sweeteners, which, in turn, is responsible for your hunger pangs. The diet soda was primarily invented keeping in mind today’s youth who are more health concerned and avoid having anything that will put on weight. So, the next time you grab a can of diet soda, don’t forget to get something to eat. You might need it.

2. Frozen Dinners

A midnight ready to eat frozen dinner meal might not just be enough for the little rats in your stomach, so get something to accompany it with, as frozen dinners don’t have much calories to fill you up, and you will be left asking for more. It consists of all the essential ingredients of a complete meal that comes in a microwaveable safe tray, but the only problem that arises is that the meal is not fully wholesome and a fresh fruit salad or vegetable salad and desert makes it complete.

3. Pastries and Baked Goods

Sugary delights are always a treat for you, but these goodies do little to let your stomach rest in peace. Pastries and other baked goods as biscuits, waffles, croissants often fill you with delight, but fail to fill your stomach and as a result, your appetite is at its peak. The no-good goodies are high in calories and do their best to raise your carbos level. But you can always choose the healthier option of baked whole-wheat goodies with zero sugar or very little sugar.

4. Sugary Cereal Bars

If you are on a healthy diet, then strictly ban cereal bars from your menu. These cereal bars do no good to people on diet, and instead, bring on the hunger pangs, and then people are left asking for more. The sugary cereal bars are more of a sugarful delight as pastries or biscuits than being a hunger control option. For those, who face an appetite loss problem, consume cereal bars before taking a meal, and Voila, you’ll consume more than your regular quantity.

5. Chewing Gum or Bubble Gum

Fond of blowing chewing gum? If you are an ardent chewing gum lover, you’ll be happy to know that your chewing gums have a good feature-increase appetite. Chewing gum regulates gastric juices, that in turn produces saliva in the mouth, which when goes down to the stomach, makes you feel more hungry.



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