Rev Abs: Calories Burned

I tried but was unable to get a definitive answer about how many calories are burned during a typical Rev Ab workout. Does anyone know?

You can watch a short video about Brett “El Capitan”  Hoebell’s Rev Abs program here.

Here is the opening paragraph to Brett Hoebel’s Wikipedia entry:

Brett Hoebel is a fitness expert and was a trainer on the U.S. television show the Biggest Loser season 11. He coached the majority of the contestants on the Red Team that season and was touted as one of the “Unknown Trainers” with a Mixed Martial Arts background. After his role on Biggest Loser, he was subsequently chosen to be one of the health experts on the Food Network TV show Fat Chef, which follows overweight chefs in their struggles to lose weight over a four-month period.

The full Wikipedia entry is here.


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