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Skill Power vs. Will Power

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

-Abraham Lincoln (16th President of The United States.)

Here’s another great quote. This time from Confucius:

Knowledge without practice is useless.

Practice without knowledge is dangerous.


What if there was a drug that could…?

Chalene Johnson just posted this on Facebook. What if?

Turlock Team Weight Loss Challenge!

I really think the town of Turlock has got it right. Check out their blog about the “Weight Loss Team Challenge” they run. It includes a weekly weigh-in and prizes. The interest and participation from the community has exploded. Be sure to scroll down the page to take a look at the “rules.” I’d love to do something similar here in Pennsylvania and Maryland. (If anyone reading this is from South Central PA or just across the state line in Hagerstown, MD, and would like to give this a try, please drop me a line.)

You can view the contest/blog here.

Making a Food Journal

I’m in the process now of putting together a Food Journal to give out to people I meet. It will contain some very simple information from Chalene Johnson’s book, “Push,” the “Know Your Numbers” chapter.

I found an interesting video on YouTube on “How to Make a Food Journal.” You can watch it here.


You can find a list of everything you need for this project here.