“Extreme” in the Morning, “On Fire” in the Afternoon

Recently, Chalene Johnson did an interview focused on the question, “When is the best time to workout?” She said that as a result of using a “BodyBug,” she discovered that she was burning twice as many calories at 9 AM as opposed to her usual 5 AM workout time. However, she pointed out that it was more important to consider the importance of  “scheduling” rather than “physiology.” According to Chalene,  it was more important to DO your workout everyday and that,  in order to do this, it was probably best to schedule it when you were most likely not to be interrupted.  In her bestselling book “PUSH”, she writes very plainly that you need to get your workout in “before the sun comes up.”

During the interview, she said that she usually starts the day with “ChaLEAN Extreme” and then tries to get in a TurboFire workout later in the day.

You can watch Chalene Johnson’s video interview here.

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You can watch a short video about TurboFire here.