Chalene Johnson: ‘I want you to let it go.”


Sugar Shockers! How Much Sugar Are You Really Eating?

Do you know how much added sugar is hiding in your favorite foods? Find out in this short video! From

*”Shakeology: Nutrition Simplified.” You can watch it here.

Losing 60 Pounds at Age 60

From the AARP website:

Carole Carson’s Story

Carole Carson knows a thing or two about weight loss. Fed up after decades of trying and failing to lose weight, she committed herself anew to the task and, at age 60, lost 60 pounds.

She has not only kept the weight off but has emerged as a competitive recreational tennis player and dedicated her post-retirement career to motivating others to follow her healthy lifestyle lead.

You can watch the AARP video here.

Have you ever thought about trying Tai Chi? You can watch a short video about a great program called, “Tai Cheng” here.

“Extreme” in the Morning, “On Fire” in the Afternoon

Recently, Chalene Johnson did an interview focused on the question, “When is the best time to workout?” She said that as a result of using a “BodyBug,” she discovered that she was burning twice as many calories at 9 AM as opposed to her usual 5 AM workout time. However, she pointed out that it was more important to consider the importance of  “scheduling” rather than “physiology.” According to Chalene,  it was more important to DO your workout everyday and that,  in order to do this, it was probably best to schedule it when you were most likely not to be interrupted.  In her bestselling book “PUSH”, she writes very plainly that you need to get your workout in “before the sun comes up.”

During the interview, she said that she usually starts the day with “ChaLEAN Extreme” and then tries to get in a TurboFire workout later in the day.

You can watch Chalene Johnson’s video interview here.

Beachbody is currently offering a “Fire Starter Kit” which is less expensive than the full Turbo Fire program. Contact me for more information at:

You can watch a short video about TurboFire here.

Waking Up Hungry is Good

I heard an interesting thing on a video that SarahFit did in which she said that “if you don’t wake up hungry, it means that you’ve eaten too much the night before.”

Regarding eating at night, Chalene Johnson says that you should first decide at what time you’re going to bed and then make sure that you don’t eat anything at least 3 hours prior to that. She said that she needed this flexibility because even though she usually plans to go to bed by 10 PM, sometimes things happen and she wouldn’t actually make it until midnight. As a general rule, she says “no-eating” after 6 PM. She even has a sign posted on the front of her family’s refrigerator that reads: “Frig closed at 6 PM. Water open all night.”  She says the payoff for doing this is a “nice flat belly in the morning.”

Biggest Loser fitness trainer/expert Bob Harper actually takes this rule-of-thumb a little further and says that you shouldn’t eat anything 5 hours before going to sleep. Apparently, this is the window that’s required before your body’s metabolism begins to burn fat.

Thinking about starting an exercise program at home? TurboJam offers a great, fun way to start. Creator Chalene Johnson calls it an “on ramp.” You can watch a short video about it here.

My 120 Pound Journey

Here’s a great inspirational video:

No time to workout? Try 10-Minute Trainer. You can watch a short video about it here.

Take Possession of Your Own Mind

Here is the full-length recording of Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” It opens by Hill relating a conversation he had with Andrew Carnegie in which he describes how each of us are given “two sealed envelopes” in life and what the rewards or consequences are of choosing one or the other.

Let me call your attention to a great power which is under your control,” said Mr. Carnegie. “A power which is greater than poverty, greater than the lack of education, greater than all of your fears and superstitions combined. It is the power to take possession of your own mind and direct it to whatever ends you may desire.”

Never, Ever Give Up: Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!

“Just because I can’t do it today doesn’t mean I can’t do it someday!” -Arthur

Would you like to try some Yoga at home? The P90X program includes a “Power Yoga” workout. P90X: The Proof” video is here.
Or, you maybe you’d like to give “Yoga Booty Ballet” a try. You can watch a short video about it here.

Video: Southwestern Baked Potato Skins – Poor Girl Eats Well

Want to exercise more at home? You can watch Lori T.’s success story here.

The $25 Shopping Cart (Safeway + Just 4U Program)

One of the great features about the Poor Girl Eats Well web site is the $25 Shopping Cart page. For example, here’s a list of the foods you can make after spending just $25 at Safeway:

The full web page with the shopping list is here.

The $25 Shopping Cart page is here.

In addition to all these great foods, why not start exercising at home? You can watch a success story with Carey R. using ChaLEAN Extreme here.


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