New FIT Club Being Organized in South Central PA (Waynesboro)

This is a photo of the studio where we're hoping to get a new free FIT Club started for the community. It's part of the South Central Tae Kwon Do Association. The grandmaster of the dojo is Ted Hillson.

I’m very excited about the chance to start a new FIT Club at the South Central PA Tae Kwon Do Association dojo/studio in Waynesboro. It’s founder and grandmaster is professor Ted Hillson. He’s also authored several books on martial arts including, “Tae Kwon Do Classic Forms: 21 Hyun -Novice White Belt through Advanced Black Belt” (available through Amazon)As soon as I can make all the necessary arrangements, we hope to offer free Power 90, P90X, P90X2, Insanity, and Asylum workouts to the local community. Any and all are welcome. Just contact me if you’d like more info.

If the program is successful, we might even offer a special “FIT Kids Club.”

You can find the web site of the South Central Tae Kwon Do Association here.